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    During COVID-19, WizGolf has faced hardship just like everyone else around the globe. During the lockdown, WizGolf has actively been working to develop a launch monitor of their own. After numerous trials and developments, WizGolf is now a proud founding company of “Wiz-I” Launch Monitor.

    “Wiz-I” is equipped with high speed dual cameras to provide you with the most accurate stats such as; the ball flight, launch angle, club speed, ball speed, club path and club angle. “Wiz-I” launch monitor has been approved and registered on E6 golf, putting them as the first launch monitor in Canada to be registered with the E6.

    Wiz-I Launch Monitor


    Why Choose Wiz-I?

    The Next Level Technology

    Two 3 megapixel High Speed(500 FPS) Cameras with IR LED lamp
    Real-time display, No delay
    Two way GigE Ethernet communication for high-speed information transition

    Customizable Pricing Options

    We have options that fit your budget!
    Please contact us for details!

    Compact Size

    13”(W) x 5”(D)x3”(H)
    Weight: 5.5lbs

    E6 Compatible

    Accurate and speedy ball trajectory composed on scenic E6 golf courses, driving range, fairway, green even on bunker or hazard


    Cameras detect golfer's motion (vertical, horizontal motion of golf club and ball)
    Calculate accurate speed, direction, launch angle, backspin, side spin

    Quick & Easy

    Installed on the ceiling above 6 feet behind of tee, easily adjust two cameras to aim at the ball
    Install height: at least 9 feet distance from the ball

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