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    What is Phigolf?

    Meet our newest partner, Phigolf! MSRP: CAD$350.00

    Phigolf is a swing trainer equipped with a detachable motion sensor to track the golfer's swing speed, swing plane, angles, etc.
    Phigolf enables people to practice on their own or play a round with their friends and family, all from the comfort of their own home or office.
    Phigolf disrupts the golf industry by shaking the traditional view of the sport: elite sport, expensive, only play during summer, boring etc...

    Phigolf is a mobile golf simulator system that consists of 9 axis swing capturing sensor and a multiplatform mobile application.




    Phigolf product


    Why Phigolf?

    Multiplatform: iOS and Android mobile devices, Alexa supported and available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple and Google TV.

    Two great Apps with separate benefits (total over 30 courses):

    •Proprietary Phigolf App provides swing analysis (in 3D) and putting analysis.

    •WGT Golf app features real-life footage of Major Championship & iconic Ryder Cup venues.


    Various game modes are available in both Apps: stroke, approach, closest to the target and putting game. Provides online and local multiplayer where people can play against each other regardless of location.

    It is fun, engaging and improves your skills well.

    Monthly tournaments and championships are held regularly in both Apps with real-world prizes.

    Easy to set up the device, navigate through the Apps, and mirror to TV. Right, and left hand supported.

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