RD 2: Bay Hill Club & Lodge

    Nov 15th, 2021 - Nov 28th, 2021

    Bay Hill

    History & Fun Facts

    It was in 1960 that ground was broken in a South Orange County wilderness that 50 years later would be known as the home of one of golf’s greatest legends, and one of the finest golf courses in the world. 
    Bay Hill was the first golf course planted with Tifway (Tifton 419) Bermuda grass. Wildlife still inhabited the land including a family of bobcats that resided around the now famous 17th green. Otters still claimed the lakes as their homes.
    Notable Holes

    Hole 6
    The 6th hole at Bay Hill is one of the most recognizable holes on the course. With three aggressive swings at conservative targets, a birdie opportunity awaits. An overly aggressive swing at an aggressive target could lead to double digits. From the tee, you should aim towards the fairway bunkers. If you are playing your second shot from the fairway, aim towards the bunker on the right side of the fairway. The green is deep, so double-check your yardage for your third shot. A par or better is within reach.

    Hole 17

    The putting surface has the beach bunker short of the green. In addition, there are bunkers left and long left of the green. In front and wrapping around the right of the green, there is water. A tee shot that finds the green is well played and increases your chances for a par.